Treasure Trail


  Tayside Advanced Motorcyclists

Members Treasure Trail 2020

A fun activity for teams of 2 or more people, at least one must be a Group Member.  This is another reason for you to venture out on your bikes on moderate to long journeys throughout the 2020 biking season.

To participate simply send your team details to the Group Secretary using the form below.

Plan your route and solve the clues, take photographs.   More details will be published near the start of the 2020 biking season.  There is a prize (TBD) and an entry fee of (TBD) per team. 

The prize will be presented to the winning team at a special event in November 2020.

Payment can be made direct to the Group bank acount or by cheque.  Details will be provided in your acknowledgement email.


Registered Scottish Charity SC035645

Affiliated to IAM Roadsmart