Tayside Advanced Motorcyclists

Make 2024 the year to improve your current Skills or expand your Skill-Set.

Advanced skills will lead to more enjoyable riding.

Our qualified Observers can help you improve your skills

and pass the IAM Advanced Rider Test.

Our group is affiliated to IAM Roadsmart.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for?  We offer a Taster Session.

You can buy the full IAM Roadsmart course at their website www.iamroadsmart.com

Our local Group requires a £50 fuel contribution to cover your volunteer’s fuel costs. This is additional to buying the course from IAM Roadsmart. The course lasts an average of 5 observed rides. If you need more there will be no additional cost to you. If you need fewer  there will be no refund.

Contact us

by email: contact@tamonline.co.uk

or come along and meet us for a chat at the Gourdie Croft.

We have a private group on facebook available only to members.